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COVID-19 Visitor Policy




Infection control for Museum visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy will expire when the declared pandemic and emergency measures end.

Procedure & Museum Visitor Waiver

·     The museum is required by law to comply with all orders issued during a declared pandemic or epidemic.

·         No new artifacts will be accepted as a donation until further notice.

·       Visitors may enter the main Museum building or the historic buildings under the following conditions: 

·      Upon entering, visitors will be asked to read this policy and register by signing the sheet beside it with their contact information. 

1.  Use hand sanitizer upon entering the main Museum building and then before you leave the main Museum to go to the outside buildings.

2.      There will be timed entry for tours and Museum tour opening hours will be reduced. The Museum will be open from 12 to 4 Monday to Friday.  Tours will start on the hour. 8 visitors max will be allowed in for tours at the start of each hour.  After the maximum number of visitors has been reached the main door will be locked until the next hour.

3.   Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres/6 feet. If this is not possible a mask and/or face shield must be worn. Only 8 visitors will be allowed in Founders Hall at one time.

4. Practice respiratory hygiene-covering when coughing or sneezing by covering your mouth and nose into your sleeve with your bent elbow or with a tissue/ handkerchief and properly disposing of it immediately.

5.     You are asked to refrain from touching the artifacts unless the Tour Guide tells you that you can do so.

6.   If visitors do not follow the guidelines in this policy they will be asked to leave and no refund will be given for their tour.

The authorized person visiting the museum commits to the following:

·         I confirm that I have not been outside the country in the last 2 weeks

·         I confirm that I do not have a fever (i.e. temperature above 37.5 C)

·         I confirm that I have not been in contact with someone who shows signs, has been diagnosed with a presumptive or a confirmed case of Covid-19 within the last 3 weeks

·         Immediately inform the Director/Curator of the Museum if any of the above changes or you or someone close to you develop symptoms.  Museum phone # 613-735-0517

You will asked to indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to follow all policies and protocols given to you which have been initiated by our Government and the Ottawa Valley Historical Society Inc. owner and operator of the Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village by signing and registering on a sheet when you come.  This will provide contact tracing for the Museum.

Thank-you for your understanding and co-operation during this difficult time.  We are all in this together!