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Plan your 2018 school visit to The Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village!

The Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village offers several unique education programs for school groups. These programs link directly with Ontario curriculum requirements for grades 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 and Quebec curriculum Cycles 2 & 3.


Early Settlers

Grade 3 - Length: 2 hours, June ($4 per student with activity)

By touring the historic and picturesque Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village’s main building and grounds, students can step back in time to compare ways of life from the 19th century with the present day.  Hands-on activities of candle making or buttermaking are part of this program.

Curriculum Links: Grade 3 - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, 1780-1850


European and Aboriginal Connections Educational Program

Grade 5 - Length:  2 hours,  June ($4 per student)

Have your class develop Aboriginal appreciation while they participate in story telling and interaction with cultural artifacts.  Have your class learn about early exploration of the Ottawa Valley and the use of an Astrolabe for navigation and map making.

Curriculum Links:  Grade 5 - Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada


Development of New France

Grade 7 - Length:  2 hours,  June ($4 per student)

We are off to New France!  Who will join Champlain’s exploration?  Take a tour of our expanded Champlain Exhibit and have a look at modern art works to discover how Champlain, the Father of New France, and the Aboriginal people were depicted in art.

Curriculum Links:  Grade 7 - New Fran


Christmas Early Settlers Program

Grade 1,2,3, 5-6, Length: 2 hours, December ($5 per student)

Students step back in time to Christmas' of old. They learn about how families such as the Chusroskie's celebrated Christmas. Students also learn about how other cultures celebrate this festive time of year by playing traditional games. Guides dressed up in period costume take students through the pioneer buildings and certain grade levels make Christmas cards.

Curriculum Links: Grade 1-3,5,6 Social Studies


Adventures in Archaeology: Prehistoric Pottery

Grade 4 - Length: 2 hours, June ($5 per student)

Students compare key aspects of life in a few early societies by looking at pottery from different regions and eras and creating pottery based on the different pottery styles that they have observed. By observing and creating pottery students can describe some key similarities and differences between these early societies and present-day Canadian society.

Curriculum Links: Grade 4 Social Studies, Visual Art


Archaeology based Poop Parties!

Grade 5 - ($15 per student)

This program was very popular over March Break!  Students will compare and identify the scat of different animals and watch a video about prehistoric poop!  They also make “poop” and learn how to identify the time that people lived based on their fossilized poop.

Curriculum Links: Grade 5 - Science & Social Studies ; Grade 6 - Social Studies


*Programs may be available during other months of the year - Call For Availability*



Teachers and Educational Assistants are admitted free of charge!
Additional chaperones are also allowed at a cost of: $6.00 per person.

Teachers should call/e-mail in advance to register a time and to confirm availability of programs*.

To book a visit and a program for your class/group you may call the museum at 613-735-0517, or send us an email at:
(*Programs are subject to change)

On the day of the program, please try to arrive at the museum roughly 10 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows for us to organize students and to have students prepared to start on time.  If weather permits, picnics are allowed on our beautiful lawns! So bring a lunch and a blanket and enjoy the sunshine on our grounds.

Your voyage awaits!

Book your group while spots are still available.