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Main Gallery

In our Founders Hall we have a large indoor gallery of fascinating exhibits from the region's rich past.  The introductory part of the hall features exhibits about the Champlain Sea, the early First Nations of this area and the Fur Trade. Also see a replica of the astrolabe that is believed to be Samuel de Champlain's!

Stroll through a Pembroke victorian home and view a doctor's examination room.  Walk by Pembroke's 1923 Bickle fire engine (new Museum addition), Lemke's general store and check out a 1930's era barber shop and hair salon.  View Consolidated Lumber Mill's Corliss steam engine and an original Cockburn pointer boat in our logging area.   Enjoy a display of the Ottawa River Heritage Paintings donated to the Museum in 2008 by David Rogers and family.

There are also temporary exhibits in the Founders Hall gallery that are changed every one to two years.  Each of these exhibits are about an interesting aspect of the rich history of Pembroke and area.

Main Gallery Exhibits
October 1st 2020
Exhibits in the Main Hall or Founders Hall gallery
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